Quinnipiac Esports Teams Up with Bye Blue Light to Prioritize Players' Wellness

Quinnipiac Esports Teams Up with Bye Blue Light to Prioritize Players' Wellness

Hamden, CT - August 9, 2023 – Quinnipiac University's esports program is stepping up its commitment to player wellness and performance with a new partnership with Bye Blue Light. The strategic collaboration aims to protect players from the potentially harmful effects of blue light radiation associated with prolonged screen exposure in competitive gaming.

Quinnipiac's esports program has been making waves in the collegiate gaming scene, competing in both the MAAC and NACE eSports Leagues. Their remarkable achievements include consecutive MAAC Smash Championships in 2022 and 2023, as well as securing the MAAC Valorant Championship in 2023 at the prestigious LAN championship event in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Further showcasing their prowess, the Smash and Valorant teams earned invitations to compete in the CECC National Championships in Arlington, Texas, in May 2023.

In their pursuit of excellence, the university's esports athletes utilize the Quinnipiac eSports Lab, a cutting-edge 850-square-foot facility housed within the Rocky Top Student Center. The lab is equipped with 24 state-of-the-art gaming PCs and a dedicated console gaming space, providing the ideal environment for skill development and competitive gameplay.

Michael R. Medina, Director of Recreation and Part-Time Faculty at Quinnipiac University, has been a driving force in the esports program's focus on player well-being. "Our athletes' health is of utmost importance. As esports gains traction in the competitive sports landscape, we recognize the significance of safeguarding their vision and overall wellness," said Medina.

Bye Blue Light's partnership with Quinnipiac's esports program aligns with their mission to enhance the well-being of gamers through advanced blue light protection technology. "We are thrilled to collaborate with Quinnipiac Esports and Michael Medina, who truly understands the importance of our mission. Together, we are taking a stand against blue light radiation to ensure players' health and performance are at the forefront," stated Danny Define, President of Bye Blue Light.

This strategic partnership between Quinnipiac Esports and Bye Blue Light underscores a shared commitment to the health, wellness, and success of collegiate esports athletes. By addressing the potential challenges posed by extended screen exposure, the collaboration aims to empower players to compete at their best while maintaining their overall well-being.

For media inquiries:
Contact Email: esporst@byebluelight.com

About Quinnipiac Esports:
Quinnipiac Esports is a competitive gaming program at Quinnipiac University, participating in various esports leagues and championships. With a focus on player development and excellence, the program provides a supportive environment for esports enthusiasts to showcase their skills.

About Bye Blue Light:
Bye Blue Light is a leading provider of blue light protection technology designed to enhance the health and well-being of gamers. Through innovative solutions, Bye Blue Light addresses the potential risks of blue light radiation associated with extended screen exposure, promoting both eye health and optimal gaming performance.
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