Welcome to Bye Blue Light!

Bye Blue Light is extremely proud to be backed by three of the major governing bodies in collegiate Esports, MidwestR6, NECC + MEC!

Protecting your vision from a brighter future

Bye Blue Light provides elite eye protection with fashion forward frames. We pride ourselves as the Gold Standard for blue light blocking glasses and are committed to providing you with an excellent customer experience.
  • Shield Your Eyes

    Wearing blue light glasses can prevent damage to your retinas and reduce the risk of eye diseases.

  • Screen Time

    Roughly 60% of adults experience digital eye strain symptoms after extensive screen time exposure.

  • Helps You Sleep

    Blue light rays delay melatonin production causing disrupted sleep patterns. Anti blue light lenses protect your eyes and minimize disrupted sleep.

  • Heal Your Mind

    Consistent exposure to blue light radiation can activate migraines. Anti blue light lenses help decrease frequent headaches.

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