We hope our list of FAQs answers your questions, but if not, please reach out to us at support@byebluelight.com.

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What comes with my glasses?

At Bye Blue Light, we want to guarantee your frames arrive with the utmost care. That is why each pair of glasses are shipped in a durable, tear-resistant bubble mailer package. Each frame is paired with a high-quality, microfiber cleaning cloth and a classic hard shell protective case.

What material are my glasses made out of?

Bye Blue Light glasses are made from fade resistant, non-slip, high quality polycarbonate material. These high grade materials ensure a lightweight, durable and flexible fit, perfect for day-to-day use. Each frame is equipped with HD resin lenses to provide optimal protection against harmful blue light radiation.

How do blue light lenses work?

Constant exposure to blue light radiation can lead to unpleasant side effects such as digital eye strain, headaches and disrupted sleep patterns. Our HD resin blue light blocking lenses filter out blue light emitted by computers, phones, tablets and screens. At Bye Blue Light, we are committed to protecting your vision from a brighter future.

Can I wear contacts with blue light glasses?

Absolutely! Our non-prescription frames can be worn with or without contacts.

What are the best times to wear my blue light glasses?

The ideal time to wear our glasses is during prolonged periods of screen time exposure. However, our designer look makes these frames perfect for any occasion!

Does Bye Blue Light ship internationally?

Bye Blue Light is committed to serving customers around the world! We ship our glasses via USPS priority mail both domestically and internationally.

Where is Bye Blue Light based?

Bye Blue Light is an American based company out of St. Louis, Missouri.

Can I pay with insurance?

Exciting news! Bye Blue Light now offers the convenience of Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) payments exclusively for prescription and reading glasses. Select the FSA/HSA option at checkout to use these accounts for eligible purchases. Prioritize your eye health with ease and manage your healthcare expenses effectively. Shop confidently for your prescription and reading glasses needs with Bye Blue Light!

What payments are accepted?

We accept payments from any major credit/debit card provider along with Amazon Pay and PayPal.

Does Bye Blue Light offer any glasses other than blue light blocking?

Our Mission is to protect your eyes from an increasingly digital world. Because of this mission, we specifically focus on blue light protection. Unlike the industry standard, Bye Blue Light is committed to one goal, protecting your eyes.

Can I wear my blue light glasses outside?

While our number one mission is to protect your eyes in a rapidly growing digital world. We understand there will be times where you need to take a break from staring at your screen. Our glasses are designed in a way that you can wear them for any occasion. Perfect for indoor and outdoor activities.

What sizes do Bye Blue Light glasses come in?

At Bye Blue Light, we take into account all shapes and sizes. That's why our glasses are equipped with durable flex fit hinges that fit comfortably on any face.

Does Bye Blue Light offer discounted pricing?

At Bye Blue Light, we offer the most competitive year round pricing with zero hidden fees. Because of this, we rarely discount our products. However, if you enroll in our Bye Blue Light rewards program and follow our social media pages, you will be proactively notified of any specialty pricing offers.

What is Bye Blue Light's return policy?

Our glasses come with a 30 day return policy from time of purchase. Returns must be submitted with case and cloth for a full refund.

Does Bye Blue Light offer an extended warranty?

In addition to our 30 day return policy, we proudly offer a 6 month extended warranty on all purchases made through the Bye Blue Light store.

How can I be featured on the Bye Blue Light social media pages?

Once you receive your blue light blocking glasses, post your picture with #byebluelight and #bbl for a chance to be featured on our socials and to be entered into our monthly giveaway.

How do I become a Bye Blue Light influencer?

If you love our products and want to be part of the BBL community, please send us a direct message on our socials or email us at support@byebluelight.com for a chance to collaborate!

Are Bye Blue Light's packages eco-friendly?

Yes! Our eco-plastic bubble mailers are made from recycled polytene. Bye Blue Light is committed to creating a healthier, cleaner planet.