MidwestR6 Partners with Bye Blue Light to Enhance Collegiate Esports Health and Performance

MidwestR6 Partners with Bye Blue Light to Enhance Collegiate Esports Health and Performance

Saint Louis, Missouri— Midwest R6, the official Collegiate League for Rainbow 6, is thrilled to announce its official partnership with Bye Blue Light, a pioneering leader in eyewear protection. This exciting collaboration aims to prioritize the well-being of esports athletes by mitigating the potential harmful effects of prolonged screen exposure, especially in competitive gaming.

Midwest R6's highly anticipated season is set to commence on Thursday, September 21st. This season will see 32 collegiate programs pitted against each other in intense and competitive matches. Midwest R6 has committed to live-streaming all matches, providing valuable knowledge and exposure to Bye Blue Light as the Official Eyewear Protector for Midwest R6. Esports enthusiasts can catch the action live on Midwest R6's Twitch channel at www.twitch.tv/midwestr6.

Danny Define, President of Bye Blue Light, expressed his excitement about this partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to join forces with Midwest R6 and work together to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the vision of collegiate athletes who spend extended hours in front of screens. Our missions align perfectly in providing the best opportunities for players in a safe and competitive environment."

Esports athletes often face the challenge of extended screen time, which can expose them to blue light radiation, potentially impacting their performance and long-term eye health. Bye Blue Light's cutting-edge eyewear protection solutions are designed to reduce the adverse effects of blue light, helping players maintain their competitive edge while safeguarding their visual health.

Midwest R6 and Bye Blue Light are dedicated to promoting healthy gaming practices, ensuring that esports athletes can pursue their passion with confidence and security.

For media inquiries or more information about the partnership between Midwest R6 and Bye Blue Light, please contact:

Bye Blue Light

About Midwest R6:
Midwest R6 is the official Collegiate League for Rainbow 6, providing a competitive platform for collegiate esports athletes. With a commitment to excellence, Midwest R6 offers exciting opportunities for students to showcase their skills and sportsmanship in the world of esports.

About Bye Blue Light:
Bye Blue Light is a leader in eyewear protection, dedicated to enhancing the visual wellness and performance of individuals who spend significant time in front of screens. Their innovative solutions mitigate the potential harm caused by blue light radiation, allowing users to enjoy screens without compromising their well-being.
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