Marietta College Partners with Bye Blue Light: A New Era of Esports Health and PerformancE

Marietta College Partners with Bye Blue Light: A New Era of Esports Health and PerformancE

Marietta, OH – Marietta College Esports proudly announces its transformative partnership with Bye Blue Light, marking a significant milestone in the gaming community. Over the past four months, a strong and fruitful relationship has developed, leading to this groundbreaking collaboration that prioritizes health, well-being, and peak performance for esports athletes.

Marietta College Esports, a budding program that began in the fall of 2018, has quickly established itself as a hub for competitive gaming enthusiasts. Open to all Marietta College students with an interest in esports, the program boasts a diverse range of talent, where players of all abilities come together to form teams for various games.

"We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Bye Blue Light," says Matt Williamson, Esports Director at Marietta College. "Our shared vision of promoting health and wellness in esports aligns perfectly, and we look forward to creating an environment where our players can thrive."

As the Head Esports Coach, Derek Games, brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to the program. With a deep understanding of the gaming landscape, he is committed to nurturing players' skills while fostering a sense of camaraderie and growth.

The partnership between Marietta College and Bye Blue Light symbolizes a new era of responsible gaming and emphasizes the importance of safeguarding players' health, particularly their eyes, during extensive gaming sessions.

"This collaboration with Marietta College is a testament to Bye Blue Light's mission of elevating the gaming experience through innovative eye protection solutions," says Brian Bumpus, President of Bye Blue Light. "Together, we aim to set new standards for esports health and performance."

Marietta College Esports currently offers a diverse range of titles, including Super Smash, Fortnite, League of Legends, Rocket League, Valorant, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six. The addition of Bye Blue Light's cutting-edge eye protection products enhances the players' gaming experience, promoting longevity and optimizing performance.

"We here at Marietta College Esports are extremely excited to have the opportunity to partner with Bye Blue Light. Their goal of offering healthy lifestyle choices when it comes to optical health in the Esports industry is something that we commend. Not only does their product provide a safer experience while playing, but they also expand on the idea that properly equipped players perform better."

As Marietta College Esports embraces this transformative partnership, they set a precedent for other institutions to prioritize the health and wellness of their esports athletes, ensuring a sustainable and successful gaming culture.

For more information about Marietta College Esports and their journey with Bye Blue Light, contact:

Matt Williamson
Esports Director

Derek Games
Head Esports Coach

Brian Bumpus
President, Bye Blue Light

Follow Marietta College Esports on Twitter for the latest updates and visit Bye Blue Light's website to explore their innovative eye protection solutions.
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