Bye Blue Light Propels the Movement to State Governments: Advocating for Protection Against Harmful Blue Light Radiation

Bye Blue Light Propels the Movement to State Governments: Advocating for Protection Against Harmful Blue Light Radiation

St. Louis, Missouri – September 5th, 2023 – Bye Blue Light, a pioneering technology company dedicated to safeguarding individuals from the adverse effects of prolonged electronic device exposure, announces its groundbreaking campaign in collaboration with leading collegiate institutions and esports partners. With an unwavering commitment to promoting health and wellness, Bye Blue Light is at the forefront of efforts to raise awareness, advocate for legislation, and provide cutting-edge solutions that mitigate the risks of blue light radiation.

In an era dominated by digital interfaces, prolonged screen time has become ubiquitous, raising concerns about the potential long-term impact of blue light radiation on eye health and overall well-being. Scientific studies have substantiated these concerns. Research conducted by the American Academy of Ophthalmology has indicated that prolonged exposure to blue light can contribute to digital eye strain and disrupt sleep patterns.

Bye Blue Light has taken a proactive stance in addressing this issue through partnerships with prominent governing bodies in the collegiate sector, including the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) and the National Esports Collegiate Conference (NECC). These partnerships signify a resolute commitment to protecting athletes and students from the potential hazards of blue light exposure.

The campaign extends beyond the realm of collaboration to advocacy, with Bye Blue Light embarking on a strategic partnership with lawmakers in Jeff City. This concerted effort, backed by Government Relations Experts, aims to achieve recognition of Bye Blue Light's innovative technology as a medical device. This designation would not only exempt these devices from sales tax but also potentially pave the way for insurance coverage, recognizing the substantial long-term risks associated with blue light radiation.

Scientific studies have linked prolonged blue light exposure to various side effects, including digital eye strain, sleep disruption, and potential damage to retinal cells. Bye Blue Light stands at the vanguard of combating these concerns, bolstered by an array of partners in the esports domain. Distinguished institutions such as University of Arkansas Esports, Louisville Esports, Mississippi State University Gaming, and many others have rallied behind Bye Blue Light's mission. Even uniform partners like SOARDOGG and Guardian Proline have aligned with the company's vision for enhanced athlete well-being.

"We are thrilled to witness our partners in the esports sector taking a proactive stance against blue light radiation," stated Daniel Define, President of Bye Blue Light. "The momentum generated by these partnerships underscores the collective dedication to prioritizing health and wellness, particularly within the burgeoning billion-dollar esports industry."

Bye Blue Light's multifaceted campaign aims to achieve three critical objectives: education, legislation, and empowerment. The company's innovative ProVision technology serves as a pioneering shield against blue light radiation, reflecting Bye Blue Light's commitment to holistic well-being for individuals who dedicate substantial time to perfecting their crafts in the esports arena.

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Bye Blue Light is a visionary technology company dedicated to protecting individuals from the potential hazards of prolonged blue light exposure. Through innovative partnerships, strategic advocacy, and cutting-edge technology, Bye Blue Light aims to educate, legislate, and empower, championing the cause of digital well-being in an era dominated by electronic devices.
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