Bye Blue Light Partners with University of Southern Mississippi Esports to Champion Gamer Health and Wellness

Bye Blue Light Partners with University of Southern Mississippi Esports to Champion Gamer Health and Wellness

Saint Louis, Missouri— Bye Blue Light, the industry leader in eyewear protection for gamers, is thrilled to announce its partnership with the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) Esports program. This collaboration marks a significant step towards prioritizing the health and well-being of esports athletes and enhancing their gaming experiences.

Esports at Southern Miss is a dynamic program designed to foster a sense of community and competition while promoting healthy gaming practices. The initiative focuses on competitive esports teams representing the university in intercollegiate competitions. It aims to develop well-rounded individuals through competitive experiences and prepares students for post-graduation with industry training in their chosen fields.1

The USM esports program currently competes in prestigious conferences such as the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE), ECAC Esports and the National Esports Competition Conference (NECC). Membership in the program is open to all University of Southern Mississippi students, with various levels of student engagement available:

  1. Signed Student-Athletes - Official Teams: These are students who have signed as student-athletes to compete in official conferences like the Sunbelt Conference, NACE, ECAC and NECC.

  2. Academy Teams: Students in this category are not signed as student-athletes but compete in official conferences as developing teams.

  3. Gaming Club Members: This community is open to all gamers, offering fun events, conventions, and multi-club collaborations with a gaming twist.

David Dickert serves as the Esports Coordinator of University of Southern Mississippi Esports, while Brian Bumpus is the CEO of Bye Blue Light. This partnership brings together their shared commitment to the health and wellness of esports athletes.

"We're excited to see another prestigious university taking the initiative to protect their players with customized Bye Blue Light frames. Health and wellness are our top priorities, and working with David and USM Athletics has been a pleasure. Organizations like this, which prioritize player protection, are fantastic to see!" stated Brian Bumpus, CEO of Bye Blue Light.

Bye Blue Light's cutting-edge eyewear protection technology helps reduce the harmful effects of blue light radiation, ensuring that gamers can compete safely and comfortably during long gaming sessions.

This partnership highlights the growing importance of player well-being in the world of esports and the commitment of organizations like Bye Blue Light and the University of Southern Mississippi to address these concerns.

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About Bye Blue Light:
Bye Blue Light is a leading provider of eyewear protection for gamers and digital users. Their mission is to promote healthy screen time and protect individuals from the adverse effects of blue light exposure. Bye Blue Light offers a range of stylish and effective eyewear solutions designed to reduce eye strain, improve sleep quality, and enhance overall well-being.

About University of Southern Mississippi Esports: The University of Southern Mississippi's Esports program is committed to fostering a community of competitive gamers while promoting healthy gaming practices. Through participation in official conferences and various student engagement tiers, the program provides students with opportunities to compete, connect, and develop skills that extend beyond the virtual arena.

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