Bye Blue Light Partners with MSU Esports to Promote Eye Health and Performance in Collegiate Gaming

Bye Blue Light Partners with MSU Esports to Promote Eye Health and Performance in Collegiate Gaming

Starkville, Mississippi - 7/18/2023- Bye Blue Light, a leading provider of blue light protection technology, is excited to announce its partnership with MSU Esports. This collaboration aims to prioritize the eye health and enhance the gaming experience of collegiate esports athletes at MSU.

MSU Esports is dedicated to fostering a culture of camaraderie, competitive excellence, and professional development among its members. With over 650 members, MSU Esports provides a vibrant and inclusive community for gamers to connect, engage, and excel in various esports titles.

"We are thrilled to partner with Bye Blue Light to promote eye health and performance in our esports program," said Will Bratton, Vice President of MSU Esports. "As a forward-thinking organization, we believe in providing our athletes with the necessary tools and resources to excel not only in gaming but also in their overall well-being. Bye Blue Light's cutting-edge technology will be instrumental in safeguarding our players' eye health and enhancing their gaming experience."

Bye Blue Light's advanced blue light protection technology offers players a competitive edge by reducing eye strain and minimizing the potential long-term risks associated with blue light exposure. With this partnership, MSU Esports athletes will have access to high-quality eyewear designed to block harmful blue light emitted by screens, ensuring their eye health remains a top priority.

"We are honored to partner with MSU Esports and support their commitment to fostering a strong gaming community while prioritizing the well-being of their players," said Brian Bumpus, CEO of Bye Blue Light. "Our goal is to provide the tools necessary to enhance performance and protect eye health in the esports industry. We are excited to contribute to the success of MSU Esports and empower their athletes to perform at their best."

In addition to promoting eye health, MSU Esports offers valuable career development opportunities for its members, allowing them to gain real-world experience in marketing, production, management, and more within the esports industry. Through this partnership, Bye Blue Light aims to support the professional growth of MSU Esports members by equipping them with the necessary eye protection and promoting a healthy gaming environment.

To stay connected with MSU Esports and learn more about their exciting initiatives, follow them on MSU Esports (@Esports_MSU) / Twitter and visit their website at

By joining forces with Bye Blue Light, MSU Esports reinforces its commitment to the well-being and success of its esports athletes. Together, Bye Blue Light and MSU Esports strive to create a thriving gaming community while raising awareness about the importance of eye protection in esports.

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