Bye Blue Light Nittany Invitational: Collegiate Esports Event to Shine Light on Eye Health

Bye Blue Light Nittany Invitational: Collegiate Esports Event to Shine Light on Eye Health

Saint Louis, Missouri – Bye Blue Light, in partnership with Penn State Nittany Esports, proudly presents the Bye Blue Light Nittany Invitational, set to be one of the largest collegiate esports events of the year. Featuring 64 collegiate programs competing in Rocket League and Overwatch 2, this event boasts a substantial $10,000 prize pool.

The action kicks off with an online Qualifier on February 24th and 25th, where the top 4 teams from Overwatch and the top 8 teams from Rocket League will earn the coveted invitation to compete live at the Penn State BJC basketball arena on March 23rd and 24th. This live event promises an electrifying atmosphere, with teams battling it out in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd.

However, the Bye Blue Light Nittany Invitational isn't just about gaming—it's also about promoting eye health awareness. In acknowledgment of the increasing time spent in front of digital screens, all students participating in the championship round will be required to wear blue light protection frames, emphasizing the importance of protecting one's vision.

EsportsU will manage all operations for the event, ensuring smooth execution from the online qualifiers to the live tournament. Additionally, sponsorships and booth opportunities are available, offering companies the chance to showcase their brand both online and in person.

For more information on participating, sponsoring, or attending the Bye Blue Light Nittany Invitational, please contact

About Bye Blue Light:
Bye Blue Light is a leading advocate for eye health awareness in the digital age, providing innovative solutions to mitigate the effects of prolonged screen exposure.

About Penn State Nittany Esports:
Penn State Nittany Esports is a powerhouse in collegiate esports, dedicated to fostering competitive gaming talent and providing unique opportunities for students.

About EsportsU:
EsportsU is a premier management and consulting firm specializing in esports events and operations, committed to delivering top-tier experiences for players and fans alike.

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