Bye Blue Light and USC Sumter Join Forces to Enhance Player Safety and Tactical Advantage

Bye Blue Light and USC Sumter Join Forces to Enhance Player Safety and Tactical Advantage

Sumter, South Carolina - September 1st, 2023 - Bye Blue Light, a leading provider of blue light blocking technology, is thrilled to announce its partnership with USC Sumter, a distinguished varsity Esports program. This strategic collaboration revolves around the shared commitment of both organizations to prioritize player safety and provide a tactical advantage in the gaming arena. Bye Blue Light's cutting-edge blue light technology will not only safeguard the vision health of USC Sumter's players but also enhance their performance on the virtual battleground.

USC Sumter Esports: Empowering Players in a Competitive Environment

USC Sumter boasts an official varsity Esports program that attracts students from across the world. The program competes in a wide range of popular games, including Call of Duty, Overwatch, Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant, Sports titles, and Fighters. USC Sumter is renowned for its commitment to player growth and skill development, offering opportunities for players of all levels to excel in a supportive environment.

Director / Head Coach Kris Weissmann leads the USC Sumter Esports program, ensuring the development of talented players and creating a culture of excellence. With a focus on player growth and skill enhancement, USC Sumter Esports empowers players to reach their full potential and excel in competitive gaming.

Quote from Daniel Define, Co-Founder of Bye Blue Light:

"Partnering with USC Sumter is an exciting opportunity for Bye Blue Light. We share a mutual commitment to player safety and performance, and this partnership allows us to enhance the gaming experience for USC Sumter's talented players," said Daniel Define, Co-Founder of Bye Blue Light. "By providing advanced blue light blocking technology, we aim to protect their vision health, reduce eye strain, and offer a tactical advantage on the virtual battlefield. We are excited to support USC Sumter in their pursuit of excellence and contribute to their players' success."

Ensuring Player Safety and Tactical Advantage with Advanced Blue Light Technology:

Bye Blue Light is at the forefront of blue light protection, offering state-of-the-art blue light blocking technology. The ProVision Certified glasses provided through this partnership offer a high level of blue light filtration, reducing eye strain and safeguarding players' vision health. By equipping USC Sumter players with this innovative technology, Bye Blue Light aims to optimize their gaming experience and provide a tactical advantage that can make a difference in intense gaming competitions.

Kris Weissmann, Director / Head Coach of USC Sumter Esports, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "Our collaboration with Bye Blue Light allows us to prioritize the safety and well-being of our players while giving them a competitive edge. The advanced blue light blocking technology will help reduce eye strain and maintain optimal vision health, enabling our players to perform at their best. We are confident that this partnership will enhance our team's overall performance and contribute to their success in the Esports arena."

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