Bye Blue Light and Newman Esports Join Forces to Champion Eye Health and Wellness in the World of Esports

Bye Blue Light and Newman Esports Join Forces to Champion Eye Health and Wellness in the World of Esports

Wichita, Kansas – Bye Blue Light, the leading advocate for eye health protection in gaming, proudly announces its dynamic partnership with Newman Esports, the trailblazing addition to Newman University's athletic offerings. This groundbreaking collaboration brings into focus the importance of health and wellness in the competitive gaming world, safeguarding players' most valuable asset – their eyes.

Newman Esports, under the visionary leadership of Head Coach Kurt McDonald, is set to make its highly anticipated debut this year, enriching Newman University's athletic program with a robust Esports division. Committed to nurturing well-rounded gamers, Newman Esports has already taken proactive safety measures, ensuring players have a nurturing environment that prioritizes both physical and mental well-being.

"At Bye Blue Light, we are committed to transforming the gaming industry by emphasizing the significance of health and wellness," said Danny Define, President of Bye Blue Light. "Our partnership with Newman Esports is a testament to our dedication to safeguarding gamers' eye health and promoting responsible gaming practices."

Coach McDonald, a trailblazer in the competitive Esports scene, is excited about the collaboration. "Launching the Esports program at Newman is a momentous occasion for us. By partnering with Bye Blue Light, we are demonstrating our commitment to ensuring our players have the best possible experience, both in terms of performance and safety."

Newman University's state-of-the-art facilities, including the 18-computer Alienware Esports Arena, exemplify their commitment to providing an unparalleled gaming experience. The university's dedication to academic excellence, complemented by Bye Blue Light's cutting-edge eye protection products, reinforces the joint endeavor to elevate the gaming community's overall well-being.

Together, Bye Blue Light and Newman Esports are championing a new era of gaming – one that prioritizes health, wellness, and safety, empowering players to excel in their passion for Esports while taking care of their most valuable asset – their eyes.

As Newman Esports launches this year, they stand at the forefront of responsible gaming, setting a stellar example for the industry with their proactive approach to player safety and welfare.

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