Bye Blue Light and Mana® Forge a Game-Changing Partnership for Gamers' Health and Financial Well-being

Bye Blue Light and Mana® Forge a Game-Changing Partnership for Gamers' Health and Financial Well-being

Saint Louis, Missouri – Bye Blue Light, a pioneering force in safeguarding gamers from the detrimental effects of blue light radiation while championing eye health awareness, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Mana®, a leading provider of gaming-focused financial and rewards services.

Bye Blue Light's primary mission revolves around shielding gamers' eyes from the harmful impacts of prolonged screen time, particularly exposure to blue light. The company offers a diverse range of protective eyewear options, including standard blue light glasses, prescription lenses, and reading glasses. Additionally, Bye Blue Light extends its commitment to the gaming community by offering teams and organizations the opportunity to fully customize their protective eyewear, aligning it with their unique brand identities and preferences.

Mana, powered by MVB Bank, Member FDIC, is dedicated to enhancing the gaming experience by introducing a tailored financial ecosystem. Their offerings include a checking account and Visa debit card specifically designed to cater to the gaming community's needs, all accompanied by a robust rewards program.

The union of Bye Blue Light and Mana signifies a powerful synergy between two companies committed to improving the lives of gamers. While Bye Blue Light addresses the crucial aspect of eye health, Mana contributes to gamers' financial well-being through rewards, exclusive access, and discounts on gaming subscriptions.

Daniel Define, President of Bye Blue Light, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "At Bye Blue Light, we have always been dedicated to safeguarding the well-being of gamers by offering top-notch protective eyewear. This partnership with Mana allows us to take our mission a step further by not only protecting gamers' eyes but also enhancing their overall gaming experience through financial benefits and exclusive perks."

Alfonso Cubias, Chief Marketing Officer of Mana, added, "Mana is thrilled to align with Bye Blue Light's mission of promoting eye health in the gaming community. We believe that our combined efforts will create a holistic approach to supporting gamers' physical and financial health."

As Bye Blue Light and Mana embark on this exciting journey together, gamers can look forward to a future where their well-being is at the forefront. This partnership exemplifies a commitment to the holistic welfare of gamers, encompassing both eye health and financial empowerment.

Stay tuned for forthcoming developments as Bye Blue Light and Mana continue to innovate and uplift the gaming community.

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